Lilydome® – Waterless Urinal Valve / Cartridge – Full Unit

  • One of the key benefits of Lilydome® waterless urinal valve / cartridges is that they are very easy to install– they can be fitted to nearly all conventional urinals without the need to replace the bowl. The conventional urinal trap seal is replaced with a disposable one that contains a specially formulated valve, trapping odours away. Lilydome® equipped urinals are plumbed into the waste lines but do not require a water supply. The result is PlanetSaver™‘s Lilydome® system that uses unique technology which is environmentally friendly and cost effective, doing away with water consumption associated with urinals. Lilydome® is proven to put a stop to urinal flooding and provide better hygiene as well as an odour-free restroom.

  • Delivery takes 3-5 working days within South Africa.

    International Deliveries take 5-6 weeks depending on the destination.