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WWF : Simple fix for the big flush

One of the biggest challenges of the drought is finding ways to stop flushing perfectly good drinking water down the loo, especially if you’re a woman. The Sustainability Institute near Stellenbosch has come up with a novel yet affordable solution.

Because most plumbing in public spaces is based on outdated water-borne technology, one of the biggest challenges is to find ways to limit flushing potable water down the loo while keeping things squeaky clean, especially if you're a woman.

While puzzling over this problem Bradley Bergh, with the technical help of Faan Swiegers, came up with a novel idea for a waterless urinal for women made from a retrofitted bidet using off-the-shelf plumbing equipment. The prototype has been installed at the Sustainability Institute near Stellenbosch which is also where WWF South Africa has its Stellenbosch office.

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